BOLT-ON Rotating Grip

The BOLT-ON Rotating Grip provides the same ergonomic benefits as the OBLIO Rotating Grip but without the round 'Yoke'.  Very popular with kayakers, the design of the BOLT-ON allows you to lower your paddle alongside your boat, while the Rotating Grip enables your hands to remain in a neutral position, reducing stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders.  Great for long distance touring or just a quick paddle, get more out of your paddle with less wear and tear on your body.

Make your favorite paddle better...  We believe in keeping it simple. Purchase the BOLT-ON and follow the simple installation instructions on the package and head for the nearest body of water!

We also use our BOLT-ON Rotating Grip on two SUP paddles designed specifically for kids.  The Aluminum KiddO and the Fiberglass KiddoO+Plus are great introductory SUP paddles for young paddlers 4'4" to 4'9". 

They have a smaller blade profile than our adult OBLIO paddles making them easier to handle.

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